Meet Kez

Bringing fun, community and                       fitness together

I wasn't in a very good place after the birth of my third son, but luckily found exercise and fitness training. Like many other mums I was overweight, not enjoying life and having a very difficult time at home with all of the issues life throws at you.


I started training at a brilliant boxing gym and found it to be the most life changing event! Fitness not only increased my self-esteem and general well-being, but also gave me a road out of the depressive cycle of self-hate and loathing many people find themselves in.

Fitness cured me of those ailments and so I got myself qualified, gained 6 years experience within a professional gym working with personal clients, professional athletes, mums, kids and everyone in between.

After building up an extensive client list it became clear to me that there were so many more people who wanted to engage with fitness and self-improvement, but due to a whole plethora of reasons were unable to find time/ money/ confidence to start their own journey.

We started so you don't have to allow these barriers to stop you starting your journey!

I have a vision that everyone should be able to have access to a positive coach/role model/supporter to help them through the same journey as myself, Kat and millions of others worldwide have made......into becoming the YOU that YOU want to be.

Thanks to fitness, i am a more confident, positive, healthier, happier person and it's my mission to help YOU reap the same benefits I have with fitness!

Meet Kat

Helping others lose weight, keep it off and change their mindset, is why I love

being a coach.

I believe in the six pillars of health:

  • moving more

  • eating well

  • getting quality sleep regularly

  • self-care

  • mastering your mindset

  • living your best life

It isn't just one thing you need to ​focus on to become the healthiest version of yourself. In 2011 I suffered from terrible depression and anxiety. Working out regularly at that time wasn't enough to help me be the best version of myself. I lost a significant amount of self-confidence, and no longer liked who I was, which negatively impacted on my relationships with everyone around me.

As a mum to my then three-year old, who didn't sleep well, the one thing I knew I had to improve was sleep. But it was a focus on all the pillars, that totally transformed who I am today. Although it's a constant work in progress.

The most amazing thing about working out, is it helps you to find the energy and focus to help you with the other pillars. Working out gave me what I needed to transform the outside, and by improving on the other pillars it helped me feel better on the inside too.

I'm determined to help other women, not just transform their physical appearance, but help with blooming into the person they were meant to be. I'm a mum, a sister, daughter, a friend, an instructor, a Beachbody coach and a person you can rely on to help you.

If you want to work out in your own time or need to fit in a workout outside of our class schedule, I can give you access to all the Beachbody workouts (close to 1,000):  If you want to join my coaching team, ask me how here.

About us

We bring the instructor to you, to make the training and support easily and readily available. We want our training to be accessible to anyone, anywhere... all you'll need is an internet connection, camera and you can gain access to our fantastic online LIVE training sessions.

This is the future of personalised training and we look forward to joining you on your journey to becoming the best version of you.


- Kiera R, Stay at home mum

"I thought the LIVE online workout was really good. The coaches were very flexible and understanding, as I had my children at home with me, but I still managed to do the workout with them around me. I look forward to the next class. I highly recommend Kez and Kat for your at home fitness needs."