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LIVE classes, what is that?

We're finally LIVE. We've spent a few weeks tinkering with the technology, and subject to internet connection and hardware failure, we'll be LIVE weekly.

What does LIVE actually mean?

Our workouts are really designed for people who want to get in some exercise, but either are unable to or can't get to join a regular class elsewhere. It could also be that what used to inspire you and help you manage your weight, no longer does any of that.

You may have problems finding childcare during the day. Or perhaps getting to a gym or club is difficult - maybe due to traffic or the location. Perhaps when you are eventually able to get some exercise in there aren't any classes available.

We also have participants that don't have the commitment or motivation to follow a DVD or to workout regularly at home.

What LIVE means is, you choose a class on our schedule and via the internet, you join a class from your own home - laptop/tablet/computer/phone. A LIVE instructor (most classes have a modifier too), who can see you, you can see them, and you interact like you're in the same studio together. After a few minutes you actually forget you aren't all in the same place.

The benefits are endless. You get the community feeling and building friendships, like those you make at the gym. You have an instructor that helps to keep your form corrected, and when you're tired to give you that push you need to keep going. You have the pressure from the rest of the class to not stop - even when your mind is telling you to. The classes are no easier than those in the gym. Just because you workout at home doesn't mean it is easy.

The bonus is you :

- don't have to get childcare (we don't mind if the kids or dogs are running around in the background AND we encourage the whole family to get involved)

- don't have to travel to the gym

- don't have to dress up or make yourself look presentable

- don't have to have your camera on, so if you're too shy then you can turn it off (we won't be able to correct your form, but you will get the benefit of being involved)

- can choose whether you do one or several classes a week

- can choose the time slot(s) that suit you

- can feedback to two really receptive people who want to help

- can be a part of something completely new and different

- can start your fitness journey with people who have been in fitness for a very long time

- we stay on after each class so you can talk to us or other participants should you have any questions or feedback

- will get immediate access to all our new classes, with PiYo and others coming soon (at NO extra cost)

We can't wait to see you in our classes.