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Diets vs eating for a healthy lifestyle

There is only one way to keep your weight off, and that isn't following some fad diet.

Two-thirds of Brits were on a diet in 2017. Nearly 70% of adults remain overweight or obese. 70%! Crash or fad diets can help you lost weight quickly in the short-term, but the likelihood is you will pile on the pounds as soon as you stop your 'diet'. Making and committing to a lifestyle change is the key to long-term weight maintenance.

A diet means for a defined period of time, you follow a way of eating. Whether that is to only have cabbage soup, to fast for a period of hours, to only eat meat, or to avoid carbs - what inevitably happens is you return to your previous habits.

A lifestyle change means adopting healthy habits. Habits which promote a long-term healthy and sustainable weight. Diets focus solely on what you eat, whereas a lifestyle change focuses on other aspects of your lifestyle that may affect your health - sleep, stress management, water intake and physical activity.

A diet is a temporary solution. A lifestyle change is just that - something you adopt for life.

To adopt a lifestyle change, you need to cut through all the misinformation on food labels, in the media and through nutritionists who just want to make money.

A lifestyle change is hard. It means self-reflection. It means making total changes (not all at once!). It means looking at your lifestyle holistically and making changes.

Over many years I've heard it all. I'm big boned. I'm built like my mum. It is the antibiotics in the food. I don't know how to cook. I don't know what to cook. Eating healthy is expensive.

What I do know, is if you want to make a change badly enough, you will stop all the excuses and find a way.